Sweet Dreams

I’ve been into my dreams for a long time. I try to write them down when I can remember them. I am able to wake up, take the dog out, make my coffee and then go back into the dream and write it down. I’ve recorded dreams in the middle of the night.

I’ve spent hours thinking about and trying to analyze my dreams.
I look up symbols in my dreams on different websites-finding an interpretation that fits my circumstance.
I’ve gone to dream groups. I even had a Jungian therapist for a time, who as you may know, Jung was all about dreams and the sub-conscious.

Dreams have been of great importance throughout the ages. Many ancient tribes had people that only read the dreams of others.
Dreams have altered peoples lives.

So, I think that dreams are very important.
They can take us to levels that we may not go to consciously and they can have important messages for us. They can also be a kind of subconscious yard stick of where we are in our lives.
Sometimes they may seem silly-sometimes they can seem scary-other times almost inconsequential.
But, I’ve found that most of the time, after delving into a dream, that it means much more than is on the surface. What might have seemed negative upon awakening becomes positive after really looking at it.

An old boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream may not mean that particular person. They may be a symbol of the past. Or they may represent a part of us.
Water usually has a spiritual meaning.
Stairs can mean transition. And while climbing up stairs usually signifies ascent, going down stairs is not necessarily a negative thing. It can mean going deeper into a transition or revisiting a place that no longer serves us.
Cars have a lot of meaning-and whether one is the driver or the passenger is important. If it’s a new car or a beat up jalopy-if it’s out of control or at the speed limit.
A house can signify our psyche.
I do believe that when someone we revere-such as Jesus, Buddah, Mother Mary, Babji,or any of the Saints from all the religions- show up in our dreams it is actually them and a huge blessing for the dreamer.
All of these are symbols and can be used as tools for growth and insight.

I also believe dreams are extremely important on a spiritual level.
They can occur during a recovery process, before, after and during a major change in our lives, when we are becoming more aware of ourselves.
Dreams can signify emotional, spiritual changes that may occur and are occurring in our lives.

Dreams can point us in the direction that we need to go.
As I’ve pointed out, I’ve been into my dreams for a long time. Which means while drinking-because I was also into drinking for a LONG time.
And while my dreams were important then and many very significant, I am finding new meanings in the dreams that I am having now-sober.
I’m not talking about the “drinking dreams”. Although one theory is that drinking dreams are in fact, our brains helping us to reinforce our sobriety. Because most of the time when people wake up from a drinking dream their first thought is “Thank God it was only a dream!” So, in that sense it’s a reinforcement of our choice for sobriety.

My dreams now are showing me that the past is not giving me what I need (probably never did)
They are showing me that I am definitely where I should be and that this path of Sobriety is the right path for me.
Dreams come from that “Soul-u-lar” level and because we have created the dream, they are another facet of this very personal healing process.


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