Boy oh Boy!

As I mentioned, we are going on a BIG trip!  On Monday-actually leaving here on Sunday to drive to Houston where our plane leaves from early Monday morning.

And, of course, I have a big catering event tomorrow night!  I’ve really pared down my work-and of course I have a big job the day before I leave.

It’s all been going smoothly and I’ve been very observant about how I’m working and handling it all without any wine.

It’s been good!

Until this morning-when I received an e-mail from my bartender that he has pneumonia!

It would be the bartender wouldn’t it???

So-my stress level shot way up!  I’m having trouble at this late date finding anyone who’s not already booked or has plans.

If worse comes to worse, I can do it-but we will be short on the floor.

And of course, in the past, a bottle of vino was ABSOLUTELY called for!  Before, to deal with the stress and definitely after because I WAS stressed!

But, I’m determined not to give in.

The funny thing is, this morning my SO started going on about something may be changing in our plans and how we might have to wing it.

I gave him a very beautiful soliloquy on how even when you had plans,  we are
ALWAYS winging it-because anything can change at any time!  And we really aren’t the ones in charge!

I’m convinced that when I die, there is going to be someone that greets me on the way up and says “I’m the one that was fucking with you all the time!  Didn’t you think it was funny?”








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