Beer Gelatin Dessert

On day 111 today!  In Hong Kong!  On vacation! I’m not sure that a year ago or even 6 months ago I would’ve believed it!  The only time I have been anywhere near sober on an adult vacation is at a yoga retreat- sober during the retreat itself. Drinking up to the beginning and then making up for the lost time as soon as the retreat was over. I mean like as soon as possible hitting a bar.  Totally undoing any benefit I might have gotten out of the retreat.

While in a restaurant the other night, I noticed that I was the ONLY person not drinking an alcoholic beverage!  Crazy! Red wine seems to be the big deal here. I mean when I look in a wine store- of which there are many- it’s almost all red wine. I was always a white wine wino.  I stood outside a bar the other night and watched the bartender shaking and pouring a Martini.  Didn’t want it, but appreciated the so called art of what he was doing. I know that sounds crazy but I don’t eat meat or Poultry either and I can still appreciate a great recipe or the effort that goes into making a great dish.

I have to admit though, I have had moments- very fleeting- that I’ve wanted some wine or an ice cold beer. But, I’ve let it pass. my Coke intake has increased a bit.  and, I did have Ginger Ale poured into a nice wine glass the other night-which created the perfect visual.  And hit the spot.

I’ve been sleeping great. Not waking up hungover. Not having to finagle how I’m going to get my daily alcohol allotment. I haven’t been sneaking to the nearest 7-11 for some made up necessity in order to sneak in a few beers. I haven’t had to ignore the look of resigned resignation on my SO’s face as I force him to go into a bar so I can get to the right buzz level…

And I have absolutely NO desire for the picture below!

Its all good!

With Loveimage


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