Hell in a Handbag

I love purses!  Because I’ve worked on my feet for so much in my life, I have foot issues.  So wearing 4 inch heals isn’t an option for me. As a matter of fact, I think I hate shopping for a pair of shoes more than a swim suit! One of the great things about Hong Kong was that everyone wore some knd of trainer. Cute ones- like deck shoes or metallic- unlike London, trainers are perfectly acceptable footwear provided they are clean and somewhat stylish.

So, because I can’t really do shoes, I do purses.  I think they’re a great accessory.  Especially in a city like London.  There are so many Chanel, Prada, Louis Vitton and my personal favorite, Hermes-that I often wonder how may are real and how many are knockoffs.

There used to be a shop on Kings Road in Chelsea that sold all kinds of “replica” Hermes items-handbags, belts, wallets.  I would go in there and debate with myself.  I finally, after many visits decided against it.  Mainly because no one would ever believe that I could afford a Hermes bag.  And, as much as I love my SO, no one would ever believe that he had bought me one.

Once in Portobello Road I ran into a woman who was-shall we say crusty-who was selling vintage Chanel bags. When I asked for the authenticity certification she ran me off in a pretty gnarly way!

Needless to say, in Hong Kong that was a plethora of fake handbags-ranging anywhere from $75.00 US to about $3000.00 US.

Why the hell would anyone pay $3000.00 for a fake handbag???!

I did think about it briefly.  20 years ago I probably would have come home with a suitcase full of fake designer bags.  This time I decided against it.  I have great handbags, nice  leather that I love.

When I was drinking, apart from being an accent for my outfit, my handbag was also my accomplice.  I love hobo bags.  Bucket bags.  Totes.  The kind of bag that it’s easy to but a bottle of wine in and sneak it in the house.  So, when I got home with my groceries, there would only be one bottle of wine in the bag and on the receipt. The backup wine-for which I paid for separately-would be in my soft, black leather accomplice.   Nestled in there until I could safely put it in the hiding place in the pantry. It also aided in keeping my neighbors witnessing me arriving home every day with another  (or 2) bottle of wine.

I still love hobo, bucket and tote bags.  But, there is much more room in them and they are much lighter!  In Hong Kong, the only thing I kept in my tote bag was an extra pair of shoes for my aching feet!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

A person can have human children or animal children.  They can have students that they nurture or good friends.  They can be a parent to their spouse at times. And at some point, may become the parent to their parent.

In my mind, Mother’s Day is honoring the Divine Feminine in all of us-both Men and Women.  The caretaker, the nurturer, the teacher-all of it.

I offer this with Love.image

















2 thoughts on “Hell in a Handbag

  1. One advantage of graduating from wine to liquor was that I could bring little mini bottles of vodka and add them to normal drinks. Wow, glory days! Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes. ; )

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