Sweet Musings

Okay!  We all know that feeling of going in to the grocery and thinking, “Oh no! They’re going to notice that here I am again  buying another bottle of wine!”  Well, I got that feeling yesterday!  Except there I was at my neighborhood super, going in for another carton of Talenti Salted Caramel with Truffles Gelato! I couldn’t believe that that same feeling came back as I was pulling into the parking lot!

I’ve always loved ice cream!  It was big in my family.  We had it at every birthday, after a doctor’s appointment (double scoops after a shot), after school, after dinner, whatever. We always had several flavors in the freezer.  I loved going to my Aunt Esthers’ house because she would buy Neopolitan.  That’s when it came in a square carton and she would open the carton and slice it!  Then you would have a nice piece with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry all lined up.  While I loved the visual, I only ate the chocolate.  I remember going with my mom and her sisters to a hamburger joint in Kansas City (where my mom’s family lived) and we’d all get double chocolate sodas with an extra shot of chocolate.  I Love Black Cows!  A Root Beer Float but with Chocolate Ice Cream instead of Vanilla.  I once made a friend leave a great ice cream place to go track down Root Beer-because they didn’t have any-so I could have a Black Cow with their Extra Dark Chocolate.  When I apologized to her, her reply was, “That’s okay.  I know how you are”!  In a nice way.

Anyway, I haven’t just started eating ice cream because I’ve stopped drinking.  But what I have been doing is not running out of the Salted Caramel Gelato.  I always have a spare.  When I pulled out an almost empty carton last night (why didn’t I just finish it? I certainly would have if it had been a bottle of wine! Well, that’s not strictly true-not if it had been my second bottle of wine.  What I would’ve done would be to look at it first thing in the morning to see how much of it was left!) As I was saying, when I pulled out the almost empty carton last night my SO remarked that it was almost  gone.  “Oh no! I said. I have another one!”  He smiled.

I had my 5 month Soberversary yesterday. I’m giving myself another month (or so) before I tackle other stuff.

With love!


salated caramel gelato small



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