Fantastic and Sober

IN my place! The place that always seems to help heal my soul and fill my heart. A tiny little island in Mexico. It’s not a fancy, high end resort kind of place. But it heals me snd has since I first started coming here in the mid 80’s. There’s an energy here that I connect to. That I yearn for if away for too long. An energy that pulls me back time and again. And I swear this time, the way things lined up for me to be here now, reinforce that belief.

A little bit of a rough start- missed my connection in Dallas so had to spend the night there, catching an early flight to Mexico early the next morning. By the time the hotel shuttle driver picked me up at this he airport in Dallas, I was tired, a bit frazzled and HUNGRY! He offered to drop me off at a nearby seafood restaurant before I checked into the hotel- I’d made my reservation at the a airport. During the ride, I mentioned that I didn’t drink (although a cold beer would’ve gone down well) he congratulated me! Wasn’t that nice?

Got to Mexico by 10 the next morning. Without my luggage.  Big mixup. So, after being assured that it would be on the next flight and delivered to me on the Island later that day, I went on my way. Now all I had was a tote bag that I’d carried on the plane. No brush- no toothbrush. They’d run out of toothbrushes at the hotel I’d stayed at but did give he about 10packets of toothpaste.

So here I go, get my ticket to take me to the ferry that will cross over to the island. I wait in line with about 100 people- almost all of them tourist in various forms of beachwear. I’m just hoping to get a seat inside the boat. I have no hat and no sunscreen on. Long ago, I learned that whenever I am going to be doing anything like this or in any kind of tropical environment, I put sunscreen on first thing. Before I get dressed. Sometimes even before I get on the plane. But, not planning on my luggage being detained, I didn’t have any with me. I refused to pay the exhorbitant  price at the ferry landing. Of course there was no seat inside so I had to sit outside on top- which is beautiful. And sunny.

I arrived here on the Island, made the 10 minute walk to the apartment that I’m staying at. As I walked by one group of people, I heard a woman remark, “she must be so hot!”   Did I mention that I still had on my travel clothes from the day before?  See, I was originally flying from Dallas to Mexico- arriving around 10pm. Was going to spend the night in Cancun, then catch the ferry around 10am. Wearing shorts, a tee shirt, a hat and sunscreen.  Istead,  I was dressed in black cotton pants and a black tee shirt. Of course I was f******ing hot! And, while this look works in Dallas not so much in a little Mexican Carribean island.  I took myself to a walmart like grocery store- after eating a big seafood cocktail at a beach restaurant.  Still in my black!  I ended up buying men’s cargo shorts a couple of tee shirts, some underwear that looked like the kind I wore when I was 5 and SPF 50 sunscreen. I had to buy mens short because all of the womens were WAY too short for me! So that was much better.

I had a nice evening- continuing to track my luggage which was still in Dallas. When I woke at 5, I called and got a person that assured me that it would be on the early flight. Nope. Called back at 10 got a woman whe really did seem to handle and told me to just go buy some things and send American the bill. Why can’t this happen in London? Or someplace where there are actually great places to shop? Anyway, I did and bought a swimsuit- which I’ll never wear again but it allowed me to get in that beautiful, cleansing water. And, when I got back from the beach, there was my suitcase!

I haven’t had any alcohol, just a lot of delicious fresh lemonade. Made with limes here. And this morning at the end of my walk, I passed a cafe that had just opened for breakfast. The customer asked the owner how he was “Fantastic!”, he replied,”I’m here and I’m sober!”  That’s how I feel.



9 thoughts on “Fantastic and Sober

  1. It’s funny you said to breathe! The other morning on my sunrise walk, I said good morning to another man that was walking. Going in the same dieection. We started talking and got into this whole conversation about energy, healing, chakras.he was saying how massage is good but only for muscles how important it is to go to a deeper level. He had me take off my sunglasses so he could look in my eyes- he had no hidden agenda. Told me some things that could be true for many but we’re definitely true for me. I knew at the time that I was receiving a message- we talked about inhaling and exhaling- this was all done in Spanish. We also talked about the importance of doing a meditation or some kind of spiritual practice in the early morning hours- say between 4:30-7am. It’s the time when the universe is quiet and waking up for the day. It was probably no more than a 10 minute encounter- but could have been 20. That was on my first morning and I haven’t seen him since .

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  2. I have just booked a weeks holiday in “my place” – it’s a place where I feel totally at peace, relaxed, happy and somehow complete.. I’m so looking forward to it! Enjoy your stay Lily 🌷x

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