Seeds of Sobriety

Winter is beginning to thaw (well not for me! I live in a warm climate and we really haven’t even had a winter! Lots of warm, sunny days!)
However-it’s the symbolism of Spring and Easter that I’m speaking of.

This time of year feels like hope, renewal, rebirth.

It’s the time of year where new growth happens. Bulbs and seeds planted long ago are beginning to take hold and sprout.

Many health regimens recommend a full body detox at this time of year. A cleansing of the body which also leads to a cleansing of the mind.

What a good time to stop bad habits and tackle addictive behaviors that have no place in our lives!

Why not let the seed of sobriety take root and grow?
It can be slow at times and there may be a need to replant several times.
And it will definitely need constant care and weeding.
But, if the heart is in it, it will grow and grow.

Why not call it a “detox” at the beginning? That will certainly be a “cover” for the times when we don’t really want to yell out to the world that we are no longer going to drink. And in truth, when we stop ingesting alcohol, we are definitely doing a cleanse.

I suspect that most people that read blogs like these have already planted the seed.
Now, it’s just about finding the right tools to tend that seed to make it grow.
Finding the right food to feed it. Nurturing it.

That’s what sobriety is. Sobriety is like a beautiful, rare flowering plant.
It needs to be constantly cared for and looked after. At times it needs to be protected and other times it needs full sun.
But this plant doesn’t die. The longer one is sober, the more beautiful the bloom.
The longer one is sober, the stronger the plant becomes, it’s roots going deeper and deeper into the ground. So that even when winter returns, it’s strong enough to survive and to keep on blooming.

Happy Easter!            Bunny Picture



Power Surge

I feel as if I am experiencing a power surge in terms of the energy that I am feeling.
Not just the physical kind of energy, the actively accomplishing a ton of stuff kind of energy.

The kind of Energy that is carried by Love.
The kind of Energy that is much more and much deeper than the mental Energy that we all need to do the tasks needed to be done in a day.

When I think about why I started drinking, one thing really stands out.
As a child, I had A LOT of Energy.
Not just the physical running around a lot kind of energy-although I definitely had loads of that.
But my Prana was so strong!
So much so, that I really don’t think my parents knew how to handle it.
The message I received was that it was NOT ok!
(to be clear, I am not saying that my Energy was any stronger than any other child’s or that I am in any way unique in that sense)

I figured out early that alcohol numbed that Energy down. Of course that’s not how I looked at it then-didn’t even think about it.
But that’s what was happening. Once I started drinking, every time I started to feel that surge, I drank. Thinking that I was feeling so good! Why not! That’s what you do! Let’s top it up-make a good thing better!

I realize that I have rarely, since I was 15 or so,  let that energy go and see where it takes me. I have not let myself feel totally and naturally buzzed for a period of time-without drinking-thereby, bringing it down.

I have not let my Life Force flow freely and take me in the direction that I am meant to go.
I will admit that yesterday, the evil voice within suggested celebrating my good feelings with a bottle of wine. I told it to “shut the fuck up and go away!”

So, I’m feeling excited. A little scared. And VERY curious about how it will be .
How I will be.
*I had absolutely no problem telling the Chiropractor the other day that I had quit drinking!
Just came right out! No stuttering, no hesitation, nada!