It could be me

I’ll admit it! I read the Daily Mail!  Even on holiday, here in Hong Kong I will get online and check it out. My SO – a true London Times devotee- just rolls his eyes and says how he sees I’m reading the “real news”.

I don’t care. I like the football news. I like Femail when they actually update it. I love to read the comments made on articles about the Kardashians and other “celebrities”. Of course anything Piers Morgan writes gets skewered.

And, occasionally, there are some good or interesting articles that speak to me. There was one yesterday about a BBC documentary “Drinking to Oblivion”.

About a 45 year old woman that won’t quit drinking.

In spite of the fact that she’s lost her job due to her alcohol addiction.  In spite of the fact that she’s lost almost everything. In spite of the fact her addiction has left her infertile. In spite of the fact that she has hooked up with a man who not only has lost everything due to HIS drinking, he just sounds like an all around nasty person. (Probably due to his addiction)

She keeps drinking in spite of the fact that she has serious liver disease and has been warned of the consequences by doctors. She keeps drinking in spite of the fact that she can’t stand the taste of it anymore.

She started drinking at 15 and has been at it all day, every day since then.  Starts the day off with a can of Cider and continues on from there.

As her doctors say, she can’t be helped because she won’t commit to quitting.  She says she can’t imagine her life without alcohol and is surprised she’s not dead already.

Shes not a bad person. She was pictured with her dog- who looked well cared for and is, I am sure, is loved.

She could be me. She could be you.

Another interesting part of all of this is about how  someone like this effects those trying to help. How the doctors, etc. have to be able to come to terms with walking away at some point when someone just won’t let them in.

It also points out that addiction is the result of suffering due to deep emotional issues.  Trying to numb them out.

Yes. That could be me.

Yes.  That was me.

Until I was brave enough to commit.

Feeling Thankful and Blessed