If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another

How is it possible to scroll through all of the offerings on Amazon Prime and not be able to find anything to watch?????  I mean, I add stuff to my watchlist, but can’t settle on anything right now.. I’m working. And it’s an eternity till I’m done. Got here at 2-a bit early so I could watch the Copa de Rey on my IPad and then I wasn’t able to stream it.  So that sucked. I’m not supposed to get off til 1. 1A.M.!!! I will say in being a kind of bystander I am so glad that I am no longer catering.  So this is an event for 300 guests-they have enough booze for about 600.  One of the bartenders set up a table-with an assortment of what’s offered, glassware, etc. and it collapsed.  Fortunately at that point I was outside trying to explain to someone why they can’t park in a tow zone.  I mean this building offers free parking to guests-it is however in a garage.  An it’s a 2 block walk! Wow! These people could use a 2 block walk-and that’s me being nice.  The DJ showed up about 15 minutes before the guests and was still setting up-in their shit clothes for at least 45 minutes after the guests arrived.  So no music.  And the family member that’s “helping” is what in Mexico they would call “especial”. Which is not a compliment!

So I’m here trying not to obsess about my new addiction.  Which is a game called Home Design. Ever played it? You pick a room to design-with whatever pieces of furniture they tell you to.  You receive $2500.00 for every daily game played as well as diamonds.  Of course you can buy diamonds but there is absolutely no way I’m going to do that.  After you design your room-or patio- or whatever you submit it.  The designs are voted on by fellow players. If you score a 4 or above you receive a piece of furniture to add to your inventory. If you get a 5 you  get extra diamonds.  Anyway, I love interior design.  But what I’m realizing-is that this “game” is ticking all of my addiction boxes.   I actually find myself obsessing about it in the middle of the night!  Thinking how I could have done something differently.  I’m okay getting 4’s.  I have received a few 5s. But if I get under a 4!! Not good- I mean I even ask my SO his opinion about one rug or another! He picks, but he’s made it clear that it’s really not his thing.  Then, when I happen to go into a store that has furniture or chatzkes I’ll see something that’s been in the game.  Sheesh! It’s crept into my daily life…

And so, the personality trait- or addictive personality if that’s what you insist on calling it-never ends.  Just manifests in another way..I mean I just got off the 3-okay up to 4-chocolate covered caramels I was finishing my lunch off with every day.  That was kinda hard.  Well, until a few clothing items felt a little snug.. Funny how when you pretty much spend your day in either workout or yard work clothes you don’t really realize that kind of thing. Hmmmm.

Well, I’m not drinking.  And that’s a good thing!!

With love…