Bon Voyage

As I mentioned, I’m about to go on a pre-birthday (my birthday is in June) holiday.
This is a BIG trip!

Until I married my first husband, the only place I’d gone was on 900 mile car trips to the Midwest to visit family. Oh Joy!

My first husband was a bit of an adventurer so we traveled some.
Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean.

After my divorce, I moved to Mexico-just me and my 2 dogs.

My SO now is from London. A total Urbanite. He loves cities.
Hates the beach. He’ll go for me. But, while on the beach, he NEVER takes his shoes off unless he’s going in the water!
He’ll be on lounger with his deck shoes on!

Me-I’m a total beach person.
I’m a Cancer.
I feel that the water is total Feminine energy. It’s healing. It’s cleansing,
I love to feel the sand with my feet.
I love to just drift in and out while doing nothing.
I love how everything begins to slow down.
A beach sounds like a good idea right now.
After these several months of healing. Being Sober. Learning to be Sober. Being introverted,
a beach sounds like a good way to slide back into the vacay thing.

But,we’re going to Hong Kong!
For 2 weeks!
After a 16 hour plane ride! (thank God drinking on a plane has never been anything I’ve done), we are going to land in a place that I can only imagine is a crazy amount of people and stimulation.
Sensory overload!
I’m a bit concerned about that.
I love Asian food. So that’s great!
I love to shop. Being raised Jewish, loving to shop is mandatory. I think it’s genetic-
so I’m hoping that Jewish part of me that I still keep in touch with, will kick in and I I can do my heritage proud! I’m pretty confident in that!

And, hopefully, we can balance all of the crazy stimulation out with visits to Buddhist Temples- of which are plenty. I’ve also got a Sikh Temple on my list.

So, I’m off! Not worried about drinking-although I try to never take that for granted!
I realize the urge can hit at any time with no apparent trigger. Of course there are also the millions of triggers as well.

The thought that has just come to me while writing this, is that I am about to be thrown back into LIFE! Big time! Time to experience a major event sans alcohol. Something else I haven’t done on a trip since I was a kid!


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