Still Here Still Sober

I haven’t posted in awhile and I know that when I see a gap between the posts of others it often means they’ve “slipped”.

Nope! Day 161 for me- less than 20 days to the big 180. 6 months!  Hard to believe!

I’ve spent the most part of the day in a Pub watching football-soccer.  The Euros.  My SO went early to watch Wales and planned to stay on for the England game.  I arrived towards the end of the Wales game-5 hours in a pub-not drinking in the middle of the day is too much.  Besides, we’re going to watch the USA in the Copa America tonight. So it’s a day of football.

In the pub-which was absolutely jammmed packed, I could really study people. And of course, most were drinking-pint after pint.  Or margaritas or whatever.  I-she says smugly- had a Virgin Bloody Mary-spicy with olives, a Veggie Burger, some fries, about a half a gallon of water-(I don’t know if they do this in other countries or even other states, but in Texas, at many places, water or Iced Tea -yes a Southern beverage-come in huge 32 oz plastic glasses) so, 2 of those, a small Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and 1 Sparkling Mexican Mineral Water.   Needless to say, I had to pee a lot.  Probably no more than if I’d knocked back a few brewskis.  Then outside of the Pub, there was a whole other event going on-Puppy Pool Day-so that was packed with tons of people and dogs-of course drinking.  Well, the people were the ones drinking the alcoholic drinks.  The dogs were splashing around in kiddie pools and drinking water. What’s funny about that event was that it was sponsered by a local Vodka distillery!  A dog party!  In the middle of the afternoon on a 96 degree day!

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a day drinker.  Especially in the heat.  Of course one of the main reasons is that I never stopped after lunch.  Or coming in from the beach. Or-well, I never stopped til the end of the night.  Which was usually signaled by me being shitfaced! (a Texas saying).  So, not drinking in the Pub today wasn’t hard.  And I know that most of the people that I took note of there drinking however much they were, were not stopping anytime soon.  After all, it’s Saturday night!

No, my wobble came as I was parking my car when I got home. Just flashed on me out of nowhere. A hot summer day-a nice swimming pool. A nice cold bottle of…WAIT!  No! No! No! And, no.  It’s passed.  Going to open a nice bottle of Pellegrino, drink it down and pee a lot more!









5 thoughts on “Still Here Still Sober

  1. I was nrver one to drink in the day either, it left me feeling tired and groggy. If I did start drinking earlier it would continue well in to the night. Glad you survived your day in the pub minus alcohol. I would have chosen the veggie burger too ☺ congratulations on your 161 days of sobriety.

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